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Who We Are

about-us-rtca-website-150-150The Residential Tile Contractors Association represents the Unionized Contractors engaged in the installation of Marble, Tile and Terrazzo in the Residential Low-Rise and High-Rise sectors in construction. The RTCA is the accredited industry Association in Ontario, and on behalf of the Unionized Contractors, conducts Collective Bargaining with our labour partners, L.I.U.N.A. Local 183.

Our Mission

our-mission-image-150-150The purpose and Mission of the RTCA is to continually foster and advance the interests and reputation of those who are engaged in or who are directly or indirectly connected with or affected by the Residential Tile, Terrazzo, Marble, and/or cement masons industry in the Province of Ontario. The RTCA is committed in providing professional representation, with a strong commitment to excellence and ethics.

Tile Setter and Tile Installation Jobs

Our member companies are always looking for talented, experienced Tile Setters in the Residential High-Rise, and Low-Rise Sectors of the construction industry in the Greater Toronto area


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